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$6 / زائر 1000
The much-talked-about TVC is finally here! It was aired on national television a couple of days ago; 4th July, 2018, to be precise. That was the day, dreams came to life, where an important concern was addressed and people seemed to be influenced (in a positive way) to take power in their own hands. The TVC conveys a strong message – of taking financial control while showcasing Coverfox, in a subtle way, as your insurance buddy to fall back on, your mentor to help you sail through the so-called cumbersome insurance process smoothly and your friend who always stands by your side. Besides this, the TV commercial highlights a very relevant aspect of eve-teasing in today’s world and how well it can be handled. Watch it to know more! Let’s rewind to the time of the video shoot. We were awestruck at the management precision of the entire unit, cast and crew. The scene was set, the intention was clear. As dreamy as it was, it was equally liberating to watch the ad film take shape so beautifully in a span of eight hours. We thought it would be exhausting, but to our surprise, it was pure fun; thanks to the team for handling it so well. We were pleasantly surprised with the way the production house handled the sets with utmost zest, taking care of the minutest details including creating a dedicated food space, having the vanity vans in place as well as separate sections for costumes and refreshments. Everything was so well-organized, that the shoot began on time! Right from the ideation and script to the action and direction, we were a part of it all, a step at a time. It takes a lot to infuse life into an idea that is on pen and paper. We realize the hard work and effort that goes into making the campaign a successful affair. This is the space where excitement peaks and dreams thrive. The experience was fulfilling. Witnessing the bare reality of the hustle that goes behind the scene threw light on more than one aspect – the discipline, dedication and persistence involved in creating a mere 30-second ad film.
Catching the action live is always the most interesting yet challenging aspect. Does a green light glimmering somewhere in the background really matter? Do wet roads actually amplify the lights reflecting on the lonely street? The fact of the matter is that all these elements actually add a lot of value to the finished product. It’s the detailing and execution that matters. We value the efforts 100 times more now – to every prop that was used, to every minute spec that made the frame gleam, to every little “cut” to achieve the perfect frame and a lot more… Suresh Triveni, Director of ‘Tumhari Sulu’ fame, strung all the components into a magical thread with his professional spark. His inclination to perfection amplified the outcome and the result is evident in our television commercial. The RPF (Radhika Produces Films) banner is one worth associating oneself with, as mentioned earlier.
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